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Paint Booths, Liquid & Powder Finishing

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose Alloy Metal Finishing, LLC for your next paint booths, liquid & powder finishing needs.

Custom Paint Booths

Customization of our paint facilities has made it possible to optimize conditions for the best non-contaminated products. Our positive-pressure paint booths are the first steps to a defect-free, quality part. Our 0.3 micron filters exceed most competitors and industry standards.

  • Enclosed & Pressurized
  • Climate Controlled
  • 150 Foot-Candles of Ambient Lighting
  • 0.3 Micron Filtration

Textures & Finishes

We can match any texture or finish available. Our team will work personally with you to meet your specific coating and finishing needs.


We are known for our precision and accuracy. We make our own custom die cuts, and masking is available in any dimension or size. Our expertise in hand masking can carry your program through prototype development without the need for hard masks. When a soft mask can be employed, we use every means at our disposal to make it work perfectly for you.


We have taken powder finishing a step further by using a filtered booth to reduce contaminants and give you that class-A finish that you can expect from Alloy Metal Finishing. All traditional powder methods are also available.


Cerakote is a thin-film technology that reduces weight while delivering superior abrasion-resistance and durability against water and rusting. It doesn't chip, can withstand autoclave temperatures. Cerakote can be used to coat almost any material. We work with the military and private companies to coat everything from sunglasses to firearms. This material finishes matte, with excellent hardness and scratch resistance. With our fully equipped facility, we can easily scale from prototype volumes through to production-level volumes.

  • Stainless Paint
  • Class-A Clear Coats
  • Buffed Polished Magnesium
Liquid & Powder Finishing Product